Daytrip from London to Bath


One of the must-do-things for my current trip to England was a daytrip to Bath. It is a three-hour ride away from London if you go by bus and the ride takes you through the beautiful Cotswolds landscape.

You can go there by train, too, which is a little faster but train tickets tend to be more expensive, so if you are on a budget I recommend going with National Express coaches. Arriving in Bath feels a bit like stepping back in time. Just about everything in this city looks like it has been taken away from a movie set and all the modern stores and cars don’t really seem to fit in. In fact, Bath has been used as a location for a lot of historical films including Les Miserables, Vanity Fair, The Duchess and several Jane Austen film adaptions. Bath

Grand Parade and Pulteney Bridge
Grand Parade and Pulteney Bridge which was used as a filming location for Les Miserables.

Street in Bath Bath pictures

One of the reasons why I wanted to visit Bath was the Jane Austen Centre. It is located in a beautiful historical building and all the staff members are dressed like in Jane Austen’s time.

Jane Austen Centre

Before visiting the actual exhibition you get a lot of Information about Jane Austen’s life, her family background, the time she spent in Bath and how it was an inspiration for her novels and characters. The exhibition itself is quite interactive, you can try cookies made from an old recipe, try to write with an old-style feather and even try on different clothes from Jane Austen’s time.

Jane Austen Centre Cookies

Jane Austen Centre Costume
Ready to star in the next Jane Austen film. 🙂

I could, of course, not leave Bath without having seen the famous Roman Baths. The museum is very interesting and the bath itself is just stunning.

Bath Pump Room

Roman Baths sunset
Roman Baths with Bath Abbey in the Background.

The museum can be very crowded, especially between 12:00 and 15:00pm when most of the tour groups are in town so it’s best to go there either early in the morning or in the evening.

Roman Bath

Bath really is a beautiful town with a very special atmosphere, so if you are in London and have some time left it is definitely worth a visit.


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